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With more than 8 years experience in the high end custom furniture industry, we always strive to provide one-stop solution to our clients in both home and commercial projects. We design & make furniture according to different types of requirements from our clients, such as from interior designers/design companies, private/individual home,  etc.

Interior designers/design companies

Many people nowadays are having needs for custom designs, such as home, office, villa, etc. Thus, most of the time, they will turn to designers for help. When it comes to production, we will be able to supply what you have designed. How? Check the procedures below.

You might either provide 2d design (floor plan), 3d rendering, or real case study to your client. Once you have finished them, just send us the furniture list about what need in your design.

Private/Individual Home

What Can We Do for Private Home/Furniture Maker?
Are you still looking for furniture from the showroom with thousands of pieces? Do you sometimes have headache of failing to find the exact furniture you are looking for? Have you rejected by supplier that they can not customize what you want due to low quantity? We will be able to help you to develop your custom design furniture.

What you need to do? Let’s check it out.

  1. Furniture details
    Firstly, you can send us photo (with resolution of 1024×768 or above) with detailed dimensions. If possible, images of different angles will be highly appreciated.
    Or, if you have furniture list, you can also send them like the image below with details.custom made furniture
  2. Furniture Production
    Once we confirm with all the correct details and requirements, we will setup the project team, create a schedule and initiate the production A.S.A.P.

Overall, your satisfaction is the main target we are looking for! Any request or cooperation need, please contact us at [email protected]